How do I collaborate with my students?

Students and teachers can use the Live Session feature to collaborate with each other in real-time on an assignment. 

How to create a collaborative assignment and start a Live Session

  1. Create a New Assignment, click on the Attachments tab, select Create Audio and click Publish Assignment. You will now be directed to the Mix Editor. 

  2. Once you've added your sounds for your assignment in the Mix Editor, click Publish
  3. In the Publish Assignments Modal, click on Create Student Group
  4. Key in the name of students you wish to collaborate with and click Publish

  5. Once published, student(s) must then click on Start Assignment and choose Teacher's Assignment in the pop-up window to begin working on the assignment

  6. The student(s) must save the assignment once before the teacher can collaborate on their solution. Once that's done, in the Mix Editor, click on the Collaborators tab
  7. Select Start Live Session to start collaborating in real-time

  8. You will now be in Edit Mode - only you can record and edit. Any student or teacher who joins the Live Session will be in View Mode - allowing them only to preview the session but not make any changes

How do I hand over control? 

By default, the person starting the Live Session will be in Edit Mode. To hand over control to someone else:

  1. Click the Allow Control Icon in the Collaborators Modal

  2. Select which Session Collabator you wish to Allow Control to

  3. Click Allow

  4. The Collaborator you selected will be in Edit Mode. You will now be in View Mode.
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