My students are having trouble logging in!

We know keeping track of every student username and password can be challenging. Here are a few notes if students are having trouble logging in:

  • Check that your students are logging in via, and not
  • Make sure they are on the Login page and not the Sign-up page
  • Always use the Invite Link when adding new students who have not signed up for an account. Students can simply fill out the information for their account to be created and to be added to the class at the same time!
  • If your student encounters an Incorrect Credentials message, it is likely that they had signed up before being added to a class via the invite link. This will trigger a confirmation email from BandLab that students may not receive if schools block external emails, leaving the account in an Unconfirmed state. Our team can manually confirm these accounts, or remove them entirely so teachers can invite students with the Invite Link.
  • We encourage all BandLab for Education users to choose Login via Google if their schools have Google integration. This will allow for easy sign-in, and reduce the chance of a forgotten password.
  • In accordance with our privacy standards, our team cannot reset passwords for users on BandLab for Education. Student password details are not visible to our staff, nor are they available for any school members with Owner or Admin status. We can delete student accounts entirely, but this will include any work in progress, personal projects, etc. To avoid password related issues, we recommend using Login via Google!
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